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Bringing our people together

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We descend from the ancient Scottish Borders families of Moffat, who wielded power and influence from the 11th Century: Found at the side of the Bruce and William Wallace, battling at Bannockburn in 1314 and in 1746 at Culloden.

1609 saw King James' Commission clamp down on lawlessness in the Scottish Borders and Clan Moffat were forcibly dispersed across Scotland and beyond: Moffat Reivers were the main culprits, fire-raising and stealing livestock from rival clans. Leaderless for hundreds of years, our Clan Chief is now Madam Jean Moffat of that Ilk.

Clan Moffat UK seeks to bring together descendants of the dispersed Clan to share history, stories, genealogy and good company at events we host. The envy of many, we have a database of Moffats that can assist in ancestry research and connect you with your ancient kinsmen, be you a Moffat, Mowat, Muffat or any of the derived names. Membership brings a twice-yearly journal with intriguing articles and information

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This is the company used by the Clan to feed into the Clan DNA database. From time to time there are discount offers and they will be posted here on a separate button.

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