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AUGUST 10TH-13TH 2023

Clan Moffat UK Association Gathering
Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

Come and Join Us!

In Moffat this year - all Members welcome!

Your choice - attend all or part of the weekend!

THURSDAY 10th August 2023: EVENING

Meet at 7pm for an Acoustic Music Evening at Annandale Arms Hotel (an informal session providing an opportunity to relax after your journey).

9.30pm Meet at the Moffat House Hotel (just up the road) for a Welcome from the Clan Chief.
(No booking required for either event - an opportunity for a catch up with those you know and to meet those you don't!)

FRIDAY 11th August 2023

Morning/afternoon (from 10:00am): A private and Grand Tour of Dumfries House and Garden with refreshments. (A project of King Charles III, and recently televised, appropriate in the year of his Coronation). Lunch facilities available.

Evening: 7.00pm – supper at Hugo’s in Moffat (with live musical accompaniment)

SATURDAY 12th August 2023

Morning/Afternoon: Visit: Visit to the Dark Skies Distillery

10.30-11.00 Graham Campbell guest speaker: "The work of Moffat Museum and their links to Clan Moffat"

11.30-11.45 Coffee/Tea Biscuits

11.45-12.30 Whisky & Cocktail tasting and an update on the Distillery developments.

12.45-13.45  Light Lunch, walk around the grounds, souvenir buying.

Afternoon: 2pm Clan Moffat Association UK AGM  - an informal and enjoyable session - this will not be your usual AGM! (The morning's session will help achieve this!)

Evening: 7pm Annual Clan Dinner at the Moffat House Hotel - all members welcomed.

SUNDAY 13th August 2023: For those staying in the area)
Moffat Farmers Market 10.30 - 3pm  Artisan crafts, food drink with up to 30 stalls – hot street food available - worth a visit!

FOR MORE DETAILS and costs (for the Friday and Saturday events booking will be required) please contact Catherine Brown at

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Message from Alison Parfitt of Clan Moffat UK

The Moffat Heritage Trust (Chaired by Niamh Ní Shúilleabháin), together with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings have come together to seek to ensure that the built environment of Moffat Town, and its cultural and economic future is protected and secured for the physical and emotional wellbeing of all its residents.  

Events proposed for March and April 2020 have been rescheduled for March and April 2021.

The Trust is a registered Scottish Charity and fully constituted with OSCR.

For further details please contact Niamh Ní Shúilleabháin: Mob: 07850507756

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Moffat 1858.png

Update on the Moffat Heritage Trust from Niamh Ní Shúilleabháin

The Moffat Heritage Group is fully constituted with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, and is now known as the Moffat Heritage Trust.  The Group has been formed by people who care about the town’s history and culture and who are ever mindful of where we have come from, and where we need to go.  The aim is to ensure that Moffat’s built, natural, cultural and economic future is protected and furthered in order to help secure the physical and emotional wellbeing of all its residents.

More than 80 people attended the Group’s first public meeting in September 2019, in the Proudfoot Institute, introduced by Sir Neil McIntosh. Several speakers from around Scotland demonstrated how heritage projects had provided opportunities for people to learn about and enjoy their historic, natural and built environments. The key message was that of social togetherness and pride. Some explained how these potentially wide-ranging projects had enabled them to promote the arts, support hands-on training and create new workplace opportunities, enhance the care and repair of their town centres, and engage all parts of the community. This meeting provided the inspiration for the Group to go away and come up with some initial ideas for Moffat.

The Group is currently in discussion with Historic Environment Scotland, asking them to sponsor and supply lime pointing tools and equipment for training events in the town in April. This equipment can then be retained as a community resource for further community building repair projects. Such projects will not only improve the appearance of the town, but have the potential to bring people of all ages together.

Last but not least, a Moffat Heritage Trust website is under construction and will be the reference point for all news, events, heritage stories and learned articles! The long-term aim is to seek as much community involvement as possible and to shape activities to encompass those that the people of Moffat would like to see. 

The Group warmly welcomes everyone with an interest in Moffat’s past and future.  There is much in Moffat of which we can be truly proud.

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Beautiful historic house in Moffat


Archbald Moffatt House: A rare B-listed Georgian building in Moffat town. Built in 1751 and remodelled in the 19th Century.

An article has been written for Scottish Vernacular Buildings Working Group by Niamh Ní Shúilleabháin due for publication in September 2020. Click on the button below and scroll down to building 43.

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