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Your support is important to our us at Clan Moffat UK.  Please use the contact form and specify in the subject whether it is membership, genealogy, DNA or other topic you are enquiring about.  We wish to reassure users of this site that, for your peace of mind,  we no longer hold any data or have user accounts on our website.

All responses to enquiries through this website will be directly from the Clan Moffat UK committee member responsible for the task.  There may occasionally be a delay in responding to your enquiry.


Annual or lifetime membership options available.  Members receive the Moffatalia journal in Spring and Autumn and invitations to attend the assorted gatherings.  

UK Annual Membership £15

UK Lifetime Membership ( age 55+) £275

Overseas Annual Membership £25

Overseas Lifetime Membership (age 55+) £300

Prices quoted are in Great British Pounds Sterling 

Come and connect with other members of Clan Moffat in person. August is the time we hold our AGM in Moffat, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. We also host visits by members of Clan Moffat USA. Other events, such as the Annual Clan Dinner, are hosted for our membership and posted on the website and in the twice-yearly Moffatalia, the Journal of Clan Moffat UK

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Bring history to life for the future generations by sharing family stories of generations past. Contact our DNA and Genealogy members to participate in our data gathering and use our amazing resources. 

Our Clan Roots page gives further details

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