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Moffat Genealogy Database and DNA enquiries

Clan Moffat UK boasts a dedicated genealogist who can assist with your enquiries via our contact form

The Clan is compiling a database of people who bear or have born the name “Moffat” in any of its variants.  In particular, the database contains all Moffats who appear in the UK Census of 1881.

If your Moffat research has hit a brick wall, DNA analysis could supply the breakthrough you are looking for to push your genealogy research back generations and finding connections to other Moffat family lines.

The Moffat DNA Project plans to perform the Y-DNA test on men with the Moffat surname (including all variant spellings).  We have selected Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), one of the most prominent research firms in this field, for our Y-chromosome DNA project.

FTDNA is an American company based in Houston, Texas founded strictly for performing genealogical DNA testing and analysis.  They work closely with Dr. Michael Hammer of the University of Arizona.  Dr. Hammer is highly respected geneticist who is actively pursuing DNA surname research.  The sampling technique is painless and only involves the use of a small brush to collect a small amount of cells from the inside of a person’s cheek. The participant administers the test in the privacy of their own home.

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